Welcome To Rodney’s Jamaican Grill

Experience a taste of Jamaica.

A local favorite for authentic island cooking.
Rodney's Jamaican Grill

About Us

Rodney’s Jamaican Grill is the restaurant that locals visit to experience the taste and sounds of Jamaica.
Jerk Chicken

Our Menu

We serve authentic Jamaican cuisine from Jerk Chicken to Ackee and Saltfish.
Rodney's Jamaican Grill

Our Location

We are located in Bradenton, Florida, minutes away from Downtown and the local beaches.

Rodney Williams

The Chef

Our chef is originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica. He honors the traditional methods of authentic Jamaican cooking.

Our Popular Dishes


Succulent Beef Oxtails seasoned with Jamaican spices, then browned and slowly simmered to perfection.


Jerk Chicken Alfredo

Sliced jerk chicken breast served over a bed of pasta with homemade Alfredo sauce.


Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken

Grilled jerk chicken seasoned to perfection with Jamaican spices and our secret island recipe.


Jamaican Curried Goat

Curried Goat

Genuine goat meat seasoned with homemade Jamaican curry sauce.


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